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"Red Wave" Propels Woodbury County GOP Candidates to Victory

Woodbury County Courthouse on Election Night
Siouxland Public Media/Sheila Brummer
Woodbury County Courthouse on Election Night

Republicans picked up all major contested races in Woodbury County. SPM's Sheila Brummer reports.

Woodbury County Election Results.mp3

Democratic Incumbents Senator Jackie Smith and Representative Steve Hansen lost against Republicans Rocky De Witt and Bob Henderson.

De Witt, a current member of the Woodbury County Board of Supervisors, picked up 55% of support, compared to 44% for Smith, according to unofficial results.

Former Congressman Steve King attended a GOP watch party in Sergeant Bluff last night and talked to Siouxland Public Media about the success of Republican candidates in Woodbury County.

“It was really a sweep. I was glad to be here among all the folks that ran for election. And Bob Henderson, who went door-to-door looking for support. No one deserved to win more than Bob Henderson.”

Henderson won by 15 points over Hansen in a repeat matchup from 2020.

Republicans also won the offices of Woodbury County Attorney and Supervisor. Long-time incumbent P.J. Jennings lost to Assistant County Attorney James Loomis 40-to-59%.

Loomis talked to Siouxland Public Media about his victory.

“It’s been going on a year (the campaign), and it’s just rewarding to have all the support I received and to start a new role at the start of the year.”

In the race for Woodbury County, Supervisor Daniel Bittinger bested Jeremy Dumkrieger by 25 points.

“Voters have made their choices. It was pretty clear the way they were leaning. It was the red wave they were talking about.”

That’s Woodbury County Election Commissioner Pat Gill, who tells Siouxland Public Media turn-out was lower than the last gubernatorial election in 2016, with 50 to 54% of registered voters showing up at the polls.

“We’re down about 7,000 to 8,000 votes, which has just been disappointing.”

Gill says a shortened time frame for early voting did impact election numbers locally. New election laws shorted the window from 29 days to 20.

A few county races were uncontested. They include County Treasurer Tina Bertrand and Supervisor Matthew Ung. Both are Republicans. Kevin Alons (al-ons), a Republican from Salix, ran unopposed for Iowa Senate after Jim Carlin did not run for re-election. Also, State Representative Jacob Bossman, a Republican, and Democrat J.D. Scholten did not face an opponent on the ballot. He talked to Siouxland Public Media on election night.

“Fix healthcare, fight for an economy that works for everybody, and secure a future for everybody and that includes education.”

Listen for expanded election coverage today on The Exchange Wednesday at noon with hosts Mary Hartnett and Sheila Brummer.