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4thdistrict Congressman Steve King caused more controversy today at an appearance in the Des Moines area.  The nine-term Congressman was discussing his stance on abortion laws that carve out exceptions for rape and incest.  He questioned whether such exceptions could have if honored in past civilizations, caused the end of humanity.  

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4thDistrict Congressman Steve King’s remarks today to a conservative group in Urbandale about abortion and rape are being denounced by state and national leaders.  They call to mind controversial comments King made last year about western civilization.

King was talking to the Westside Conservative Club in Urbandale about his anti-abortion heartbeat bill which makes no exceptions for rape or incest.

Then King asked what the population would look like if those exceptions were made through history.

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4thdistrict Congressman Steve King caused another media firestorm today with his comments on race, rape, incest, and abortion. In Urbandale today, The nine-term Congressman was discussing his stance against abortion restriction laws that carve out exceptions for rape and incest when he went on to question whether such exceptions could have if honored in past civilizations, caused the end of humanity.

The Woodbury County Board of Supervisors yesterday agreed to buy voting equipment that the county's top election official said could help reduce the chances of making mistakes when reporting vote tallies, according to the Sioux City Journal.

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Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg (BOOT-edge-edge) says the Trump administration knows the pain it’s causing Americans by delaying some tariffs in an escalating trade war with China. The mayor of South Bend Indiana made the comments to reporters today after speaking at the Des Moines Register Political Soapbox at the Iowa State Fair.

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Governor Kim Reynolds says the state is working to fix issues that cause the state to be hit with a nearly two million dollar fine.  That federal fine was for errors in distributing food assistance.

The USDA cited the state for having a higher error rate than the national average, which was first reported by WOI-TV in Des Moines. The state was found to be overpaying benefits much more often than it was underpaying them.

Reynolds says she still doesn’t know why the state had a high error rate.

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Sioux City Council members asked the city attorney yesterday to rework a proposed noise ordinance after local bar owners said it would hurt their businesses.  There was confusion about whether the ordinance would also apply to bars that play music on their own patios and even indoor events that would generate noise.

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Iowa’s senior senator has some harsh words for the Environmental Protection Agency. That’s because of its decision to release many small oil refineries from their obligations to blend ethanol into gasoline. 

The past few days have dealt multiple blows to corn farmers: on Friday, EPA granted 31 so-called “hardship” waivers. And Monday, a prediction from the Agriculture Department showed declining demand for corn because ethanol production is down. 

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After devastating flooding this year, Iowa funneled $15 million into a special fund to help local governments recover and guard against future floods. Missouri budgeted more money to fight rising waters, including $2 million to help buy a moveable floodwall for a historic Mississippi River town.

In Arkansas, Gov. Asa Hutchinson announced $10 million to repair damaged levees while creating a task force to study a system that in places has fallen into disrepair through years of neglect.