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Newscast 03.21.24: Iowa Poll shows Republicans wth an edge in Congressional races; ACLU of Iowa speaks against Iowa immigration bill

Iowa’s likely voters prefer a Republican candidate over a Democrat in three of the state’s four congressional districts as the November elections approach, the latest Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa Poll shows.


Republicans are holding a wide, double-digit lead in the 2nd Congressional District, in northeastern Iowa, and the 4th District, in western Iowa, and a slight edge in the 3rd District, which includes Des Moines and south central Iowa.

Competitive races could be brewing in the 1st District, which includes Davenport, and the 3rd District, which includes Des Moines.

The results come as candidates gear up for a slate of primary elections in June and then the November general election.

The director of the ACLU of Iowa says Iowa’s immigration bill is extreme, and unconstitutional. Earlier this week the Iowa House passed a bill that would authorize law enforcement in the state to arrest undocumented immigrants and empower Iowa judges to order deportations.

Under the bill (SF 2340), it would become a state crime for a person to enter the state if they were already deported or refused entry into the U.S.

Mark Stringer, ACLU of Iowa Executive Director

Mark Stringer, ACLU of Iowa Executive says the bill is based on a Texas law that the courts have currently blocked.

Stringer added the bill would allow police to arrest people based on their federal immigration status and authorize Iowa judges to order someone to be deported or jailed before they have an opportunity to seek humanitarian protection that they are entitled to.


Iowa’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate decreased is down slightly to 2.9 percent in February, down from 3.0 percent in January, according to Iowa Workforce Development.
The U.S. unemployment rate increased to 3.9 percent in February.

Nebraska US Senator Pete Ricketts is promoting the Congressional Review Act legislation to block the Biden administration’s electric vehicles mandate. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this week finalized a new emissions rule for light-duty and medium-duty vehicles that would require up to two-thirds of new cars and trucks sold in the U.S. to be electric vehicles (EVs) in eight years.

Ricketts says the country lacks the power generation, infrastructure, and domestic supply chain of critical minerals to make Biden’s mandate work.


However, the EPA says the new standards will avoid more than 7 billion tons of planet-warming carbon emissions over the next three decades and provide nearly $100 billion in annual net benefits, including lower health care costs, fewer deaths and more than $60 billion in reduced annual costs for fuel, maintenance and repairs.

Targets for President Biden's EV Mandate
Targets for President Biden's EV Mandate

Iowa jails are not following state law in their collection of inmate money for medical services.
That’s according to an investigation by the state Ombudsman Office. It found some county jails are taking money directly out of inmate commissary accounts before their conviction and without going through the courts.
Ombudsman Bernardo Granwehr says this practice violates an incarcerated person’s due process rights.

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