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Governor Branstad on New Gun Rights Measure

Republican Governor Terry Branstad says he believes the gun rights bill passed by the Iowa House and Senate is fair and balanced. It would allow children to use handguns under adult supervision, enhance stand your rules, allow Iowans to sue cities or counties that enact gun-free zones, legalize short-barreled rifles and shotguns and allow permit-holders to carry handguns in the Capitol.  Speaking at his weekly news conference in Des Moines yesterday. the governor didn’t go as far as saying he would sign the bill.



“Obviously I try to look at and review everything before making a final decision, but, generally speaking, I think that the people who managed this bill were very careful in trying to craft something that they felt was reasonable, and something that I could support.”

The provision that allows children to use firearms under adult supervision has many gun safety advocates concerned.  Branstad says he knows of some families that welcome the opportunity to teach their children about gun safety.



“there’s a family from Ankeny whose children would like to be able to use firearms under the supervision of their parents, and they’re not permitted to, they feel very strongly about it.  I met with that family, there are many others.”

Democrats in the House and Senate had many concerns about the bill, and argued that the changes will make Iowans less safe. In particular, they were worried that allowing guns into the Iowa Capitol could make tense situations more dangerous.

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