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Dickinson County Awarded Water Monitoring Funds

The Dickinson County Water Quality Commission has awarded more than $277-thousand dollars towards clean water projects.  Siouxland Public Media’s Mary Hartnett has this report.

Lake Okoboji in Winter


The grants are matched with state and federal funds to provide water monitoring, education, and watershed protection in the Silver Lake, Iowa Great Lakes, and Little Swan Lake watersheds.

John Wills of the Dickinson County Water Alliance says some of the money will go towards preserving and restoring  wetlands in Dickinson County.  He says that’s important because wetlands act like sponges.


“They kind of soak up water and they hold it, and they use the pollutants in that water, and let clean water flow free.”

Grant money will also go toward Pheasants Forever, to protect against invasive species in Lake Okoboji and for water monitoring in Silver Lake.

For SIouxland Public Media, I’m Mary Hartnett.

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