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News and resources regarding COVID-19

After Soaring Numbers of New Cases/Hospitalizations Nebraska Reinstates COVID-19 Restrictions

Facebook/Gov. Pete Ricketts

Gov. Pete Ricketts announced new restrictions on Friday after a surge of new cases and hospitalizations in Nebraska.

“It’s pained me to put restrictions on people’s personal liberty and businesses. But, it was necessary to be able to preserve hospital capacity.”

Statewide there are more than 320 hospitalized with COVID-19.  That’s 40% more than May, during the peak of the pandemic.

“Remember all the steps we have taken is to preserve hospital capacity with 30% of hospital beds, 29% of ICU beds and 70% of ventilators.”

Nebraska also recorded almost 1,000 new cases and five deaths in one day. 

The governor outlined four steps that go into effect Wednesday.

Hospitals must provide 10% of their bed and intensive care unit space for incoming COVID-19 patients.

Indoor gatherings, currently allowed up to 75% percent capacity, must drop to 50% capacity.

People at bars and restaurants must remain seated and with no more than eight to a table.

And, wedding and funeral receptions must limit table sizes to no more than eight people.

Health officials say avoid the three C’s; crowds, confined spaces and close contact.

“It’s still important you wear a mask, wash your hands and maintain that distance of 6 feet.”

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