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UI Physician Tells Educators and Parents that Masks are Key to a Safe School Reopening

Sioux City public schools are set to open on August 24.  However, the surge in Coronavirus cases this week, teachers and parents are concerned about safety.

Nearly 700 new cases reported yesterday, and seven deaths. 

During an online forum last night focused on A Safe Return to Schools, 

University of Iowa Professor of Internal Medicine Dr. Eli Perencevich answered questions preventing the spread the virus in schools. 

Perencevich said he was disappointed that state leaders were not requiring all Iowans to wear masks in public and in schools. 

“I mean we just need to accept it, young and old people are dying, and the only way we are going to open schools, and have sports, and get back to our way of life is to actually put on a mask or face shield, and protect each other, kind of the all for one, one for all.”

Perencevich said masks and face shields are the most effective way for teachers and students to protect themselves. He also said that activities like sports, band and choir might need to be put off for now because they are likely to spread the virus.

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