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State and Local NAACP Leaders Work with Law Enforcement for Change after Floyd Murder

There have been three nights of violence in Des Moines over the police murder of George Floyd of Minneapolis  At a news conference this afternoon, Gov. Reynolds also supported the decision to set a curfew of 9:00 p.m. for Polk County tonight said she wanted to work with advocates for social justice to prevent more tragic deaths.  

Reynolds today said she was working with the NAACP to change the criminal justice system to reduce racism and violence to African Americans. 

Betty Andrews is president of Iowa-Nebraska Branch of the NAACP.

“There are some things that we can put in place right now.  The focus group that the governor has put in place and that I am a proud member of, has put in place many changes. And we are glad to see that, and just know that now is the time to take another look.”

Ike Rayford, President of the Sioux City NAACP Chapter

Ike Rayford is the president of the Sioux City branch NAACP.   Rayford echoed some of Andrews’ comments.

“We want to scream, we want to yell. It’s just like, enough is enough. But we have got to get to the ballot box.  We have got to change this on the legislative level, an make sure that our voices are heard. But right now today, I want to start being heard.”

Rayford says he is working with Siouxland law enforcement officials and other community advocates to deal with the systemic racism in the law enforcement.  Rayford says he is encouraged by their participation. 

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