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Local Mental Health Expert Stresses the Importance of Routines and Reaching Out to Others

Mental Health Associates

In the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many uncertainties.  Siouxland Public Media’s Sheila Brummer talked to one local mental health provider on ways to ease the upheaval in our lives.

Susanna Shell-Philips works as a mental health therapist in Sioux City.

“A very important time to be grateful for all of our connections and the people we love.”

Shell-Phillips says it’s important to stay informed on the latest coronavirus updates, but don’t immerse yourself in all of the news.

Try to focus on something else.

“Exercise is a good way of combating anxiety, medication, yoga. Anything normal that helps them be less anxious.”

Plus, talk to others about how your thoughts and feelings.

“Sharing their concerns and fears and engaging in some daily routine.”

Shell-Phillips also sees a change in her work.  Instead of face-to-face meetings she turns to video for sessions with her patients.

“The best communication is always in person with nuisances and body language you often read that are a little harder to pick up. And, people are intimidated by being on camera.  It’s not the quite the same but it still effective.”

Shell-Phillips says it’s normal to fell a little stressed or depressed, but always know you can reach to a professional during this time of disruption, job loss and disease.

“Have people rely on their spirituality, their faith and what gets them through the day.”