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Old Sioux City Auditorium a Local Landmark, Future Home of Lamb Theater

The future home of Lamb Arts Regional Theatre is now a local landmark.

The Sioux City Council approved the designation. 

Lamb is working to raise more than $11 million to restore the old city auditorium across from the Woodbury County Courthouse. 

The designation, approved yesterday, now allows the building to be eligible for historic preservation tax credits from the state.

The Woodbury County Board of Supervisors meeting has been canceled for today.  

That’s because there aren’t enough supervisors to hold a quorum of members.

Jeremy Taylor left the board recently and two other members, Matthew Ung and Marty Pottebaum are out of town.

The South Dakota Legislature has killed a proposal to create a window for victims of childhood sexual abuse to report the crimes. 

The measure would have created a two-year window for those abuse victims to file lawsuits against organizations where the abuse occurred. Lawmakers heard emotional testimony from a woman. She described how she and other young children were raped and abused during the 1950s and 1960s at a Catholic boarding school for Native Americans. 

For nearly a decade, a group of nine sisters has made their case to a lawmaker in Pierre. The women argued that lawmakers' inaction keeps organizations unaccountable for sexual abuse and could allow future abuse.

The Iowa DNR is warning about deteriorating ice conditions due to recent warm weather.  They want fishermen and others to obey all posted signs and warning flags at lakes and ponds. 

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