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Noon Newscast 12.16.19: Homicide Investigation, Weather-Related Crashes and Gold Rush

 The Sioux City Police Department is investigating a homicide from over the weekend.

A Sioux City man died in a shooting near the city's downtown on Saturday night.

Detectives say 42-year-old Chad A. Thomas was killed after being shot serval times.

Someone discovered Thomas lying unconscious on a sidewalk.

Winter weather turned deadly on the roads in Nebraska yesterday.

Two people died in a multi-vehicle crash on I-80 during snowy conditions near Ashland, outside of Omaha.     

Three others went to the hospital in critical condition.

And, in another incident, in Sarpy County two vehicles collided, killing two on southbound Highway 75 south of Omaha.

An improved price for gold is generating new interest in drilling in the Black Hills. At least five companies are currently drilling, or hope to be searching for gold.

After being below $1,400 per ounce for several years, the price for gold has climbed above that level in recent months.

F3 Gold, of Minneapolis, is funding an environmental assessment it hopes will lead to approval of its plan to drill on Black Hills Forest Service land near Silver City.

Another factor driving exploration interest in the Black Hills is its well-known history as a gold-producing region.