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Winter Storm Visits Siouxland for Thanksgiving


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The National Weather Service is predicting near-blizzard conditions in north-central and parts of northwest Iowa tomorrow and tomorrow night.  Forecasters say a storm system will move into the state tomorrow with the potential for rain, freezing rain, and high winds.

Jim Murray,  a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls says Sioux City could see between five and eight inches of snow and parts of western and southern Nebraska up to a foot.

Murray says you often see the first winter storm at the end of November or the beginning of December.

“The biggest thing is this is occurring during this holiday week so it causes some extra problems.”

Murray says we could see more snow on Thanksgiving Day and his office is tracking another storm for later this week into Saturday that could “cause a lot of problems”.

“ A lot of uncertainty with that, snow freezing rain.  Something to keep an eye on.”

Murray says to make sure to listen to the most updated weather forecast, especially if you need to travel for the holiday.

Murray says it’s too early to tell if we’ll have ice, snow or rain.

The Sioux City council is expected to decide today whether to repeal an 11-year ban on pit bulls and pit bull mixes in the city. 

Cities in Iowa and around the country are tossing their pit bull bans for ordinances that focus more broadly on vicious or high-risk animals. That includes the city of Maquoketa in eastern Iowa. They replaced their ban last week with an ordinance that penalizes owners for vicious animals. animals. 

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