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Reynolds Waits for Ethanol Deal, Dem Pres Candidate Tom Steyer Stops in Sioux City

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Republican Governor Kim Reynolds has not yet seen a document outlining how the Trump Administration may address farmers’ fury over ethanol waivers granted to oil refineries.

Bloomberg and Reuters are reporting President Trump is expected to sign-off on the deal Friday and make the details public next week. Reynolds was in the Oval Office a month ago, arguing for a policy that will increase federal biofuel production and blending requirements. The oil industry has been pressing for concessions that would alter what Reynolds and others discussed with Trump.

If that agreement is what materializes, Reynolds has invited Trump to Iowa to make the announcement. Reynolds suggested the president’s chief economic advisor, Larry Kudlow, is leading the biofuels negotiations.

Presidential Candidate Tom Steyer stopped in Sioux City for the first time since entering the race for the Democratic Nomination for President.

The billionaire businessman and political activist is a latecomer to the presidential race. 

He decided to run after watching the first Democratic Debate in July.

We are the most successful society in the history of this planet.  I listened to those debates and we sound like a failed society with crisis, crisis,  crisis.  We are not a failed society, we have a failed government.

 Steyer will take part in the next Democratic debate this month in Ohio.

Steyer says the voice of the American people needs to be heard. So, he supports a national referendum, including one on gun control.

Steyer is a major critic of President Donald Trump.  He paid for television advertisements calling for impeachment starting in 2017.

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