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Pelosi Announces Impeachment Proceedings, Iowa Congressional Reaction Mixed

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Speaker Nancy Pelosi has announced the House is moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump.

Pelosi made the announcement Tuesday from the speaker's office at the Capitol saying "no one is above the law."  Calls for an impeachment inquiry have intensified following reports that Trump may have sought a foreign government's help in his reelection bid.

Pelosi says the president "must be held accountable."

US Republican Senator Charles Grassley says he wants to see the evidence before making any judgments on the validity of impeachment proceedings. So far, no comments from Republican Rep. Steve King or Senator  Joni Ernst. 

However, Third District Democratic US Representative Cindy Axne said that "Using the Oval Office to pressure a foreign leader to investigate a political opponent is a clear abuse of power."  Axne also said that "For the sake of our national security and our democracy, these serious allegations require independent Congressional investigation unobstructed by this Administration."   

Some families earning more than minimum wage still have little chance to afford all their basic needs like childcare and transportation. 

The current minimum wage is 7 dollars and 25 cents an hour. But a family of four with two working adults would need to earn more than twice that to pay all of their bills according to an analysis by the Iowa Policy Project. 

Researcher Peter Fisher says the cost of a family budget is far outpacing minimum wage thanks in part to rising costs for things like housing and health care.

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