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Iowa Ranks 7th in the Nation for Obesity, 35 Percent of Population


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There are still evacuations going in Madison, South Dakota because of flooding. It has received 3 to 5 inches of rain in the latest storm. The South Dakota Highway Patrol says flooding closed a section of Interstate 90 near Mitchell.   And in Sioux Falls, residents and business owners are cleaning up after destructive tornadoes and straight-line winds earlier this week. Crews today were removing fallen trees and debris.

A new report has found Iowa has the seventh-highest obesity rate in the nation.

More than 35 percent of Iowans are considered obese. That above the national rate of about 31 percent, according to the non-profit Trust for America’s Health.

Nadine Gracia is the organization’s executive vice president. She says obesity can lead to serious health issues.

It can increase the risk for type two diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke and many forms of cancer. So it’s something that needs to be taken seriously.

Garcia says policymakers need to work to ensure communities can access affordable, healthy food and safe places to exercise.

State regulators have approved two short-term health insurance plans for sale in Iowa, according to Radio Iowa.

These are 364-day plans and Iowa Insurance Commissioner Doug Ommen says they are an option for healthy Iowans who cannot afford the premiums for individual policies being sold in the Affordable Care Act marketplace.

The approved plans are sold by Golden Rule Insurance Company and United States Fire  Insurance Company. In-hospital services will be covered, including surgeries and emergency room visits, as well as out-of-hospital care like going to the doctor.

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