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Iowans Still Signing Up for Obamacare

There are more Iowans signing up for Obamacare this fall than at the same time last year.  That’s despite President-elect Donald Trump's pledge to repeal the program.  Siouxland Public Media’s Mary Hartnett has this report.


The Des Moines Register reports that, as of Wednesday, slightly more than 12-thousand Iowans had signed up for new or renewed policies on the government’s health-insurance exchange since Nov. 1st. That’s compared to 11,811 during the same time last year.

The exchange is the only place where consumers can buy policies that qualify for Obamacare subsidies.

Most people who shop on the exchange have incomes low enough to qualify. The open enrollment period runs through January. For Siouxland Public Media, I’m Mary Hartnett.

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