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Nebraska High Court Removes Hurdle for Pipeline

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One of the major hurdles blocking the Keystone XL pipeline was removed today.  Nebraska's highest court rejected another attempt to derail the project by opponents.  They want to force the developer to reapply for state approval.

The Nebraska Supreme Court upheld the regulators in November 2017 to greenlight a route through the state. The court's decision was a victory for the $8 billion project.

Neligh Nebraska farmer and pipeline opponent Art Tanderup says he will continue opposing the pipeline that would run through his property.  Tanderup didn’t hesitate when asked if any of the three proposed pipeline routes are safe for the aquifer that lies beneath.  

No.  Because even like here were in what’s called the Eastern sandhills here.  The aquifer is very high here in places.  The same issues that applied on the sandhills route apply here

A government report says the aquifer system supplies drinking water to 82% of the 2.3 million people who live within the boundaries of the High Plains.   There are still three federal lawsuits pending against the pipeline. Tanderup has given the piece of his land destined for the pipeline to the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska to plant their sacred corn.  But the tribe could lose that land if the developers apply for and get eminent domain in the case.  

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