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The Exchange, March 07, 2018-Iowa Tax Reform, Step-Up Event, Glenda Drennen



The Exchange 030718


Coming up on the Exchange . . .   

House and Senate Republicans are pushing for a massive tax overhaul.  The House plan and the Senate plan both cut taxes substantially.  Republicans say redesigning the state’s individual and business tax rates is needed to bring the Iowa tax code up to date. 

But others are worried that it goes too far, at a time when the state is strapped for funds because of previous tax cuts.

We also talk with Sioux City watercolor artist Glenda Drennen about her work and inspirations.  That and more coming up today at noon on The Exchange, on Siouxland Public Media.



Welcome to The Exchange, on Siouxland Public Media, I’m Mary Hartnett.  The Iowa Senate has passed a tax reform bill that would cut individual and corporate taxes, and change the state’s tax brackets.   The House plan, put forth by Republican Governor Kim Reynolds, would only cut taxes for individuals and keep the tax brackets the same.  Two Siouxland lawmakers have very different opinions of the tax cut bills. Republican State Senator Jim Carlin says he favors the tax cuts and other changes, because the state was in desperate need of a tax overhaul.

Jim Carlin (R) District 3 Iowa State Senator


In: “It’s personal income tax rate . . .”

Out: “. . . our college graduates.”

That was Sioux City Republican State Senator Jim Carlin, who supports the tax reform bills in the House and Senate.  

Sioux City Democratic Representative Chris Hall says there is some need to consolidate Iowa’s tax code, but the state has budget issues that will only grow worse if a major tax cut is introduced.

Chris Hall (D), Iowa State Representative, 13th District


In: “There are a few things . . .”

Out: “. . . to pay it later.”

That was Sioux City Democratic Representative Chris Hall.  Hall says the state cannot afford major tax reductions as it deals with the current budget shortfall.

You’re listening to The Exchange, on Siouxland Public Media.  I’m Mary Hartnett.  

Step Up Event

A week from Saturday, women considering running for office are invited to a special event at Morningside College.  The Step-Up Seminar will bring current and former Iowa LAWMAKERS to talk about the realities of running for office.  The “Step Up!” program was designed by the group 50-50 in 2020. The group's mission to achieve political equity for Iowa women by recruiting, training, and mentoring women candidates by the 100th anniversary of Woman Suffrage (the year 2020), so  women will be equally represented in all Iowa political arenas.

Theresa Weaver Bayse of the Sioux City Public Museum and Morningside College Assistant Professor of Political Science Valerie Hennings are the board of the 50-50 group..

Theresa Weaver-Bayse

I caught up with them this morning at board meeting at Jitters in downtown Sioux City.


That was Theresa Weaver Bayse of the Sioux City Public Museum and Morningsidee College Assistant Professor of Political Science Valerie Hennings are the board of the 50-50 group that encourages women to run for elective office..

You're listening to The Exchange, on Siouxland Public Media.  

Glenda Drennen 

Valerie Hennings

Decades ago, Glenda Drennen’s first attempt at watercolors didn’t turn out as she’d hoped. She stuffed all of her supplies in a shoebox and nearly abandoned them.

Her decision to pick up a paintbrush again brings us to today. She has a collection of whimsical watercolors on display at the Sioux City Art Center through Sunday, April 22.

Our arts producer, Ally Karsyn, caught up with the painter in the Gardner Room at the Art Center.

Watercolor by Glenda Drennen

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