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Ultra Violet Pt. 2: Siouxland Public Media's Artist of the Month

Ultra Violet
Ally Karsyn

“I was the guy that left Sioux City and moved away to bigger cities, thinking that’s where all the answers are found. But you can hitch your buggy to somebody else’s horse or you can figure out what’s going to give yourself momentum and just take that. I think it’s harder to do in a small city. The people that are here doing it and choosing to do it – that’s where it’s at. There’s a lot of really amazing people in Sioux City that are making art and music. For our size, it’s really happenin’ here.” –Adrian Kolbo with Ultra Violet

Tomorrow on The Exchange, the members of Ultra Violet talk about Sioux City’s art scene and making music here after living in larger cities. Join us at noon on Wednesdays for our weekly news and culture show.

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