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Ultra Violet Pt. 1: Siouxland Public Media's Artist of the Month

Ultra Violet
Ally Karsyn

Meet Ultra Violet.

Angie Lambrecht–on vocals, acoustic guitar and feet percussion–is a full-time musician who performs and teaches lessons. Randall Wood–on keyboard–is a night-time emergency room doctor and runs a small business, called Azapaza, selling imported products from India, with his wife. Shawn Blomberg–on the bass guitar and sometimes ukulele–is a massage therapist. And Adrian Kolbo–on the electric guitar–is an event producer for the City of Sioux City.

Together, they are Ultra Violet.

“It’s not always seen, but it can always be felt,” Lambrecht said. “That’s kind of what I like. That’s what music can do for people.”

Wood was deep in his 20s before he started plunking out tunes on the piano.

“I still don’t really consider myself a musician, but I want to play music,” he said. “To find these kind of amazing people that just radiate pure music is a wonderful, wonderful thing for me.”

Kolbo grew up playing classical piano music and playing the tennis tennis racket as a guitar until he could figure out how to get a real one in his hands.

“Music has always been a part of my family, family life and church," he said. "To me, music is like breathing. It’s a thing that I just do. It’s a communication.”

Kolbo actually taught Blomberg how to play guitar when they were kids.

“I learned kind of playing in the neighborhood church, and learning some chords, learned how to sing and could barely even clap and sing at the same time, but you know, they were patient with me,” Blomberg said with a laugh.


For the frontwoman of Ultra Violet, her favorite part is playing with other people.


“I enjoy feeding off of the energy–taking in what they’re putting out and giving them what I’m putting out,” she said. “That’s a huge part of it for me. That rush that you can get from that is the rush you can’t get from anything else. It’s pretty incredible.”

Ultra Violet is Siouxland Public Media’s Artist of the Month.

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