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Life and Sculpture by Terry Karpowicz

Terry Karpowicz

Terry Karpowicz, sculptor, says that he has "seen too many people in his life sit back and wait for things to happen." His art is not reactive, it's proactive. His life, it might be said, is also proactive. Painting didn't engage his full body and self, so he moved to sculpting. Not knowing how to marry materials, he went to Britain to study medieval windmills. After losing his leg in a motorcycle accident, he sought the movement he desired in his art. 

"Let's Go!," a sculpture recently installed at the Sioux City Art Center, is part of an athlete series Karpowicz has been working on. Unlike the space shaping sculptures of Richard Serra or the stabiles of Alexander Calder, these pieces are intended to energize space. In this way, they are like the frenetic sculptor, who joined FM90's Mark Munger for a conversation about his varied life and works of art.  

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