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We hear about the investments made by Western Iowa Tech Community college in training the future workers of Iowa.  A big part of the training is learning how to think critically and solve problems.

And we talk with journalist and author Bob Woodward about parallels between the days leading up to the impeachment of President Richard Nixon and the possible impeachment of President Donald Trump.

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Students at Western Iowa Tech Community College learned an important lesson on October 9, 2019; A lesson, about different walks of life.    

“Being Native American a lot of our stuff is specific and spiritually oriented.”

Twenty-two-year-old Michael Shonie wears lavender nail polish on one hand along with white dangling earrings as he sits at a round table sharing his story with other about his age.

“I’m talking about my experience being a two-spirited indigenous person in the modern world.”

REPORTER: “What does that mean?”

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Sioux City Rockestra is back! Also there's theater all over the place, there's Celtic music to celebrate the man that drove the rats out of Ireland, and Siouxland Civic Dance presents Cinderella.

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