2020 Iowa Caucuses


A massive fire last night killed more than 400,000 chickens at a poultry plant outside of Bloomfield, Nebraska.

Michael Foods operates the facility that produces eggs.  No employees got hurt but the fire destroyed a barn.

The National Weather service says the flames were so intense their weather satellite detected the heat more than 22,000 miles above the Earth.

Bloomfield is about 75 miles northwest of Sioux City in Knox County.

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State Representative Mark Smith of Marshalltown is the first candidate to announce he’s running to be the next chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party. Current chair Troy Price announced his resignation yesterday, after more than a week of confusion about the process and results of the Iowa caucuses. 

Smith announced in September he would not seek reelection to a tenth term in the Iowa House. Smith served as Democratic Leader for five and a half years, leading the effort to recruit and raise money for legislative candidates.

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There are still no official results out of the Iowa Democratic caucuses today, as New Hampshire voters go to the polls for the first in the nation primary.

Multiple failures in the Iowa Democratic Party’s caucus night reporting process delayed the release of results for days.

IDP State Central Committee Member Lindsey Ellickson says she still has questions about what went wrong and says public trust in the party is on the line.