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Newscast 04.13.22: IA State Lawmakers Stil Pondering Governor Kim Reynold's State-Funded Scholarships in Waning Days of the Session

The Iowa Legislature
The Iowa Legislature

Governor Kim Reynolds is still pushing for Iowa lawmakers to approve state-funded scholarships for kids to go to private schools

A lack of agreement on the issue is delaying the end of the legislative session.

After next Tuesday, Iowa lawmakers will no longer get the daily allowance they receive for 100 days of the legislative session. But the session is unlikely to end before that allowance runs out.

Reynolds and Senate Republicans are trying to get House Republicans to pass a bill that would create state-funded scholarships families could use to pay private school tuition.

Reynolds says opponents of the bill should focus on how she thinks it’ll help kids.

The legislature must pass a state budget to end the session. The House has approved several budget bills, but the Senate hasn’t passed any.

There is a new flock listed as infected with avian flu in Wakefield, NE. A Michael Foods flock of nearly 2 million egg-laying hens has tested positive for pathogenic avian influenza, commonly known as bird flu.

The Nebraska Department of Agriculture says there are six bird flu infection sites in Nebraska.

The Sioux City school district budget for the school year that begins in August includes $580,000 to hire nine new teachers in the fine arts disciplines and three other positions.

The school board on Monday night gave final approval to a total budget in the range of $210 million and $215 million for the fiscal year that begins July 1.

The South Dakota Senate has chosen prosecutors and the date for Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg's impeachment trial. The Senate will hold a two-day trial starting on June 21.

The decision comes less than 24 hours after Ravnsborg was impeached by the House of Representatives for his role in the traffic fatality of Joseph Boever.

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