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Woodbury Township Cemetery Remains Intact, Veterans Day Remembrances, BB King Biography, Sioux City Symphony Orchestra Tchaikovsky Event

Woodbury Township Cemetery in Sgt. Bluff
Woodbury Township Cemetery in Sgt. Bluff

The Exchange 11.10.21 Woodbury Township Cemetery Veterans Day BB King

This week on The Exchange we focus on veterans in honor of Veterans Day Thursday Nov. 11.

On the program today how a battle to stop the moving of the county’s oldest cemetery has led to a resolution that deemed acceptable by all parts in the dispute. The cemetery includes the graves of nearly 30 Civil War veterans.

Also, how Floyd Cemetery in Sioux City, with some help from local high school students, commemorated and cleaned several Civil War graves a few years ago,

And today we hear about some of problems involved with moving a very old cemetery in Dubuque and how those issues were resolved by a state archeologist.

We have Veterans Day Interview about what one military historian calls the “Dunkirk” of the American Revolution.

Steve Smith talks with Ryan Haskins of the Sioux City Symphony Orchestra about this weekend’s Tchaikovsky event.

And we talk with the author of a new, comprehensive biography of legendary guitarists and bluesman BB King.