Caucuses and Remembering Tom Peterson, The Exchange, 04.03.19

Apr 3, 2019

Tom Peterson Black Box Theater at the Sioux City Community Theater

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Coming up this week on The Exchange, with all the flood damage in the Siouxland area, we talk with an expert about how to save drenched and sticky photos.

Flooding and family heirlooms

Also, a look at new theater dedicated to long-time Sioux City broadcaster Tom Peterson.  

An explanation of the historic changes in next year’s Iowa caucuses.

And we talk with a Holocaust survivor.

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You’re listening to The Exchange on SPM, I’m MH.  Today we will remember longtime Sioux City weatherman Tom Peterson, who has a new black box theater named after him at the Sioux City Community Theather.  We will also find out how to precious family photos after they have been drenched by floodwaters.

A lot of Iowans are excited about taking part in the 2020 caucuses.  However, this year, for the first time, you can participate without even showing up.  State Democrats say people can caucus “virtually” in the week that leads up the February 3rdevent.  Seth Cohen is in charge of the Iowa caucuses for the state Democratic party.  Cohen says the changes, which await final approval, are historic.   

Caucuses. 6:30

That was Seth Cohen, is the caucus to convention director for the Iowa Democratic Party. The 2020 caucuses take place on February 3rd, however beginning this year, Iowans can caucus online before the event.  There are also new rules about delegate selection that the party hopes will make the caucuses more transparent and fair to everyone involved.  

Over the weekend, several Democrats running for president in 2020 visited Storm Lake in northwest Iowa to participate in a discussion of rural issues called “The Heartland Forum.”

As IPR’s Katie Peikes reports, the event allowed them to connect with rural voters, which Democrats say is key to the party winning in 2020.

You’re listening to The Exchange on SPM, I’m MH.  Many Siouxlanders experienced flooding the last few weeks.  Even a little water in the basement can damage precious photos and family mementos.  Often, it’s hard to know what to do to salvage these artifacts. However, Randy Silverman, who is the head of Preservation at The University of Utah Marriot Library says there are a few simple steps that can save your mom’s baby pictures and yearbooks from oblivion.  He says it is really a matter of getting to the photos while they are still wet.

Flooding and Heirlooms

Randy Silverman is the head of Preservation at The University of Utah Marriot Library.  He spoke to us from Salt Lake City on how to preserve family heirlooms, books, clothing, and furnishings after a flood.  

On Sunday about 3,000 people gathered for a cultural tradition in Sioux City.  Siouxland Public Media’s Sheila Brummer was there and give us a sample of the diversity on display. 

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The first week of April is the one-year anniversary of a locally-produced music show on Siouxland Public Media.  Sheila Brummer sat down with the host of the show for his insight on songs and life.

Earl Horlyk Producer of Mixtape Dance Party

INTRO:  On Thursday, March 28th the Sioux City Community Theatre dedicated a new theater in memory of a long-time Sioux City broadcaster.  Siouxland Public Media’s Sheila Brummer was there and filed this story.

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TAG:  The play “Here We Sit” ended it’s run on April 1ST at the Black Box Theatre inside the Sioux City Community Theatre.  Sheila interned at KCAU and says the highlight of her time there was meeting Tom Peterson and even getting a chance to see his “Pointer Room” in the basement of his home in Sioux City. 

April 15-20 is the worldwide Genocide Awareness Week, when we remember victims of atrocities, including the Holocaust.  In Siouxland, fifth-grade student Ruby had a chance to interview Holocaust survivor Inge Auerbacher about her experiences during that time and how she’s built a life since then. Here’s Ruby. 

That was Ruby, a fifth grader from Sacred Heart School in Sioux City,  interviewing Holocaust survivor Inge Auerbacher. Worldwide Genocide Awareness Week begins on April 15th.