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NEWS 6.2.22: Bandits Controversy, Pride Parade, and Food Truck Fridays

Pride Parade - Sioux City, IA
Siouxland Public Media/J.J. Stone
Pride Parade - Sioux City, IA

The Sioux City Bandits reversed course on a plan to give away the same type of rifle used in a recent school shooting.

"That is not what we stand for or a message we condone."

Dave Bernstein of State Steel says his company threatened to pull team sponsorship if they went forward with the promotion during Saturday's game.

"I am a supporter of the 2nd Amendment and the Constitution for sure. This has nothing to do with that. It's insensitive to the tragedy that happened in Uvalde, Texas."

When the promotion hit Facebook on Wednesday for Military Night, Bernstein quickly reached out to those in charge of the team.

"I don't think it had to do with me reaching out to them. They did go ahead and cancel the promotion.”

State Steel plans to match any donation the Bandits make to veterans' organizations.

"Veterans night is more important than giving away a gun."

The issue made national news, with many media outlets sharing the story.

Bernstein says even with the controversy, people should still try and support the team.

"I applaud the Bandits for making the change.”

On Saturday night, the Sioux City Bandits play the Rapid City Marshals at the Tyson Event Center.

An updated post from the Sioux City Banditsindicates that all proceeds for Military Night will benefit the organization “Support Siouxland Soldiers”.

Update on Bandits promotion controversy from Siouxland Public Media's Sheila Brummer

Original Post Surrounding Military Night for the Sioux City Bandits
Facebook/Sioux City Bandits
Original Post Surrounding Military Night for the Sioux City Bandits

Sioux City is hosting its very first Pride Parade on Thursday night.

Don Dew is the president of the Siouxland Pride Alliance. He says the inaugural event shows how much the community has progressed.

"Say, ten years ago, there would have been a backlash, trying to do this. There was not the acceptance and tolerance, and you kind of you need both.”

Several events are planned for Sioux City's Pride Month celebration.

The season for Food Truck Fridays kicks off tomorrow in Sioux City.

"You can browse tasty lunch choices from anywhere on the culinary spectrum that you like."

Volunteer coordinator Sam Burrish says the event helps bring people together.

"Food culture and entrepreneurship are important to a thriving community. We enjoy having the event at Pearl Street Park."

Food trucks will be ready to serve a wide variety of cuisine at 7th and Pearl from 11 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. every Friday through August.

"Seven years, we have a booming food truck scene that astonishes people. Most think that is something only big cities have."

A list of weekly vendors can be found on the Food Truck Fridays Facebook Page.