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Sioux City to Apply for FASTLANE Grant to Build Viaduct

Sioux City is applying for a federal grant that could eliminate traffic wait times and bring in more than $11.6 million for a proposed viaduct project on 18th Street. 

The Sioux City Council last night approved application for the Department of Transportation’s FASTLANE Program.  It funds transportation projects that address freight issues along highways and bridges. The grant could cover up to 60 percent of Sioux City's proposed $19 million-dollar viaduct project.  It would allow the switching yards to operate more efficiently and support industry in the valley.  Sioux City Mayor Bob Scott told the council that the Cargill soy processing complex Cargill would benefit from the project.


“They’re not going to continue to load five cars at a time guys, they are going to load unit trains, which means that they are going to lay a lot of new track, which means they are going to have to put a spur in all the way up this valley to do that.  SO they’re going to lay more track for this.”

The proposed 500-foot viaduct would connect Floyd Boulevard to Steuben Street and span he Union Pacific Railroad and Canadian National Railway tracks. It would also realign portions of Hawkeye Drive and Illinois Avenue.  The deadline to apply for the FASTLANE Grant is December 15th.