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Sioux City Murder Victim Remembered for Her Kindness and Love of Children

Ike Rayford/YouTube

The investigation continues into deadly attack by a South Carolina man on his mother and sister at an apartment building near Morningside College on Tuesday night.  As Siouxland Public Media’s Sheila Brummer reports, the murder victim is being remembered for her kindness.

“In spite of what we are all going through, this comes up and you are like wow, you are in a place of disbelief.” 

The head of the local NAACP, Ike Rayford, says he first met Lisa Belk 25-years ago at Mount Zion Church.

“She was one of the nicest, most generous people that a person could ever meet.  She loved kids, she had a spirit of gratitude and love for her children like no one else I have ever known.”   

Credit Siouxland Public Media
Credit Woodbury County Jail

Lisa’s Belk son, 30-year-old Paul Belk, faces a first-degree murder charge for her death during a disturbance.  His younger sister was treated and released from the hospital after a knife attack.

“As word and news is spreading, everyone I have heard from is in a place of disbelief.”

Rayford doesn’t want to speculate on what happened. He wants to focus on the good Lisa Belk did with her life.

“Lisa had adopted several children.  It’s hard to believe some like this would happen.”

“She would go to the end of the world for every young person out there.  She had a heart of gold and wanted to give.  When you think about this, it’s sad. It’s hurt and I can’t begin to wrap my head around it.” 

Rayford says the two worked together on several committees over the year and Lisa Belk was very involved with youth ministry; a mission she carried all through her life.

“When you hear about this this.  You think about her family and her other kids, prayer and thoughts go out even to her son."