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New Home of Lamb Arts Regional Theater to be a Local Landmark

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The future home of Lamb Arts Regional Theatre is now a local landmark.

The Sioux City Council approved the designation. 

Lamb is working to raise more than $11 million to restore the old city auditorium across from the Woodbury County Courthouse. 

The designation, approved yesterday, now allows the building to be eligible for historic preservation tax credits from the state.

The Woodbury County Board of Supervisors meeting has been canceled for today.  

That’s because there aren’t enough supervisors to hold a quorum of members.

Jeremy Taylor left the board recently and two other members, Matthew Ung and Marty Pottebaum are out of town.

South Dakota lawmakers have rejected a proposal to stop schools from requiring students to get vaccinations. A House committee heard emotional testimony from parents on both sides of the issue but decided to effectively kill the bill, saying it would have resulted in decreased vaccination rates and could have caused outbreaks in vaccine-preventable diseases. Supporters of the bill hoped that despite the bill's defeat, their doubts about vaccinations would gain credence in the state. Gov. Kristi Noem opposed the bill and told reporters last week that vaccinations have saved millions of lives.

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