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Vets Honored at Courthouse, Sen. Klobuchar Visits Sioux City

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Today is Veterans Day and vets, city and county officials and residents met this morning at the Woodbury County Courthouse to honor those who have served in the military.   Director of the Sioux City Vet Center Mary Jordan told those gathered in the courthouse rotunda that when the Vet Center started in the 1970s vets were not always treated with respect. 

“We started in 1979 in response to Vietnam veterans coming home, not being able to wear their uniforms. And not having a wonderful transition and not having a wonderful experience.  They were not thought of in the same way as others from previous eras.

There was also a ceremony and luncheon to honor veterans this morning at Western Iowa Tech Community College.

Minnesota US Senator and Democratic Presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar campaigned in northwest Iowa over the weekend.  She met with potential caucus-goers in Orange City Friday evening and joined a caucus training session held by the Woodbury County Democrats on Saturday morning at the Sioux City Public Library.

Klobuchar told an overflow group of around 100 people that she wanted to create a “Blue Wall” of voters in 

Minnesota US Senator and presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar at Sioux City caucus training session with leader of the Woodbury County Democratic Party Jeremy Dumkrieger

the Midwest to defeat President Donald Trump.  She said the president has been breaking promises to Iowa farmers and using them like poker chips in his trade war. 

"And the president, by the way he’s handled trade negotiations with China, how he’s given secret oil waivers to the companies from the renewable biofuels standard that he’s made things worse, and that’s what I mean when I say he’s treating them like poker chips."

Klobuchar says her top issues in her first 100 days in office will be creating less expensive health care and lower prescription drug prices, immigration reform, and addressing climate change.  

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