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Absentee Ballot Changes In Iowa Law Struck Down, More Flooding in Mills County

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A Polk County judge has ruled the state can require voters to show an ID at the polls, but he struck down other voting law changes dealing with absentee ballots. 

The League of United Latin American Citizens and an Iowa State University student challenged sweeping voting law changes passed by Republican lawmakers in 2017.

They argued the voter ID requirement could prevent young, elderly, poor, and people of color from voting because these groups are less likely to have driver’s licenses and other forms of ID.

Judge Joseph Seidlin (SIDE-lin) found that this requirement doesn't affect any voters differently. But he says the state should issue special voter ID cards to all voters who request them.

Seidlin (SIDE-lin) struck down a provision allowing county auditors to reject a ballot request if a voter’s signature doesn’t appear consistent with other county records. 

Iowa Republican Secretary of State Paul Pate is calling the ruling a victory for election integrity.

This is the first year Iowa’s voter ID law is being fully enforced.

Parts of southwest Iowa could see some minor flooding this week.

The National Weather Service forecasts 1-3 inches of rain for southwest Iowa through tomorrow (Wed.) morning. The area is under a flash flood watch.

The rising Missouri River is expected to crest at Plattsmouth, Nebraska 3 feet above minor flood stage. That’s about 2 feet lower than yesterday’s (Monday’s) predictions for the area. 

Bowen says a lot of people in the southwest part of the county have already left their homes since previous flooding last month. Many still haven’t returned since the flooding last March.  

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