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Sen. Grassley "Skeptical" on the Need for Some RFS Waivers


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Iowa’s senior senator has some harsh words for the Environmental Protection Agency. That’s because of its decision to release many small oil refineries from their obligations to blend ethanol into gasoline. 

The past few days have dealt multiple blows to corn farmers: on Friday, EPA granted 31 so-called “hardship” waivers. And Monday, a prediction from the Agriculture Department showed declining demand for corn because ethanol production is down. 

The Renewable Fuel Standard, or RFS, is the federal law that sets requirements for how much ethanol gets into the nation’s fuel supply. Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley says he’s skeptical all the companies getting waivers really need them.

EPA is undermining the Congressional intent in the RFS and it’s surely hurting farmers in Iowa and rural America. (:10)

Grassley added he was, quote, shocked to see EPA denied some of the requested waivers. But not enough to quell his skepticism.

A day after she celebrated wind energy at the Iowa State Fair, Governor Kim Reynolds again declined to say whether she thinks wind turbines cause health issues. There is no scientific evidence that wind turbines cause health problems. 

But the Madison County Public Health Department is recommending that wind turbines not be built within 1.5 miles of residents’ homes, claiming they can cause headaches and nausea.

Asked if she would do anything about Madison County’s actions, Reynolds says she’s willing to meet with them and take a look at their data.

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