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Democratic Presidential Candidate Tim Ryan Visits Sioux City


This Fourth of July week, three Democratic presidential hopefuls plan to visit Sioux City.    

Congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio  spoke to a group of a few dozen Tuesday morning at Hardline Coffee in downtown Sioux City.   

His campaign focuses on educational fundamentals to improve the life and emotional well-being of young people in the country.

“What do we have to do in the United States to be competitive, to lift people up to rebuild the middle class?  Invest in our people to make sure that every one of our citizens is on the field healthy, educated, creative, resilient and ready to go out and help us win the future.”

Congressman Ryan proposes spending $50 billion to achieve his goal. 

He also wants to bring back vocational education.  He says people need to work in a career that they love.  And, teachers need support.

 “I don’t think it’s appropriate for our teachers to march in the streets to try and get some dignity.  Most of the time it’s not for themselves, most of the time it’s not for wages and benefits but for the climate of the school.  It’s for the lack of investment for the kids.”

Ryan also took questions from the public including concern by one person over immigration.

Congressman Ryan says he was pleasantly surprised by the increase of support in Siouxland after last week’s debates. 

He says his district in Ohio faces many of the same issues as people living in Iowa.

Early Wednesday night,  South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete on Friday. California Senator Kamala Harris will host a town at New Life Christ on West 4th on Friday morning.