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Ickey Nickel Campground Still in Operation, Zebra Mussells Invade Crystal Lake, 5:32

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The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says zebra mussels have been found in Crystal Lake in north-central Iowa.  The mussels attach themselves to boat motors, bait buckets, and dam mechanisms and cause damage to motors and facilities.

Boaters are urged to clean, drain and dry watercraft to prevent the spread of the mussels.

The city of Sioux City and the owner of a popular summer hangout are working together to try and come up with a resolution over a campground.

Recently, the Ickey Nickel received notice that camping on the property isn’t allowed according to city zoning laws.

Several supporters of the Ickey Nickel appeared at yesterday’s City Council meeting to keep the campsite open. 

City Council Member Rhonda Capron is one of them.

“I’m on the Ickey Nickels’ side.  I know they deserve to have that campground.  And, we all know for years it’s been a campground.  We all realized.  Then we have a person or organization that decided to make it an issue.  I believe we need to do the right thing.”

City officials say a couple of weeks ago they received a complaint about people camping at the Ickey Nickel.  That’s when they discovered the property isn’t zoned for camping.

Owner Mick Verzani.

“It’s a great summertime venue to keep going.  But, the winter is rough.  Without the big events, it’s hard to keep it going.  In the summer I employ 40 people.”

Verzani says camping is usually only done during big events to help attract people from out of town. 

Mayor Bob Scott says the city could even allow a temporary permit for camping to still happen until a zoning change is officially approved.

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