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Weather Bosses Give the Weekend Weather Report

Irving Elementary Dual Language School, home of our Weather Bosses
Sioux City Community Schools
Irving Elementary Dual Language School, home of our Weather Bosses

We're Arabella and Emilio reporting Siouxland Public Media Weather from the Irving Elementary Dual Language School.

Somos Arabella y Emilio reportando de Siouxland Public Media Weather desde la escuela Irving Elementary Dual Language.

Today in Sioux City, the weather will be cloudy with a high of 75 and low around 57. This Saturday will be rainy, with a high of 70 and low of 53. Sunday will bring a high of 74 and low of 48.

Hoy en Sioux City, el clima va a estar nublado con una temperatura alta de 75 y una temperatura baja de 53 grados. El domingo va a traer una temperatura alta de 74 y una temperatura baja de 48.

This week at Irving we have all been practicing our classroom expectations and routines. Everyone is doing their part to make our classmates safe and welcome.

Todos estan hacienda su parta para hacer a nuestros companeros sentirse bien y a salvo. Nosotros hicimos esto practicando simulacros de incendios y tornados.

Nosotros somos Arabella y Emilio reportando para Sioux/and Public Media Weather.

We're Arabella and Emilio reporting for Siouxland Public Media Weather.

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