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On the Road with 2020 Presidential Candidates: The Exchange


This week on The Exchange, we talk with two authors. One is written by a journalist who followed the Democratic Presidential candidates, and the other book is about the lives of our First Ladies. 

First we hear from Edward-Isaac Dovere, the author of Battle for the Soul: Inside the Democrats Campaigns to Defeat Trump.  Dovere spent two years with several Democratic presidential campaigns.  He looks back at the reacton of the candidates, and former President Barack Obama, to the Presidency of Donald Trump.

Next, we talk with writer Amy Russo about her book, Women of the White House: The Illustrated Story of the First Ladies of the United States of America.  Russo compares the roles of the early First Ladies to the roles of current First Ladies who have careers and objectives of their own.

Women of the White House, by Amy Russo


Amy Russo, author of Women of the White House

Courtesy of orangecityiowa.com

Also this week on The Exchange, some Orange City renters are suing the city for allowing inspections of their homes without their permission. We talk with attorney Rob Peccola. 

Robb Pecolla

Courtesy of the ACLU of Nebraska

Fairness in the courts is pressing issue in the United States and no less so in Nebraska.  That's why the American Civil Liberties Union of Nebrask has announced an new program to help defendants that go before judges in the state. Many judges have an option to set cash bail or impose fines or fees during hearings.  Daniella Conrad of the ACLU of Nebraska explains the program.  

Daniella Conrad of the ACLU of Nebraska


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