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Check It Out: Group: How One Therapist and a Circle of Strangers Saved My Life by Christie Tate

This is Sarah Enright, with the Sioux City Public Library, and you’re listening to Check It Out. 


Today, I am recommending Christie Tate’s original debut memoir, Group: How One Therapist and a Circle of Strangers Saved My Life. On the outside Christie Tate appeared to have her life together, she had, by all accounts, conquered her eating disorder and was just named top of her class in law school. Inside, trauma and crippling sorrow from her past drew her into toxic relationships with unavailable men. This proved to be an inadequate remedy time and time again, ultimately triggering fantasies of ending it all. Her last resort? Therapy.


When it comes to Christie’s therapist, Dr. Rosen, unconventional is an understatement. He almost immediately recommends that she join one of his psychotherapy groups. He suggests that transforming her life is as easy as showing up and being honest. As Christie soon finds out, baring your soul to a room of strangers is more terrifying and excruciating than she could have ever imagined. As she navigates through Dr. Rosen’s prescriptions, which are assignments consisting mostly of placing herself in uncomfortable situations, Christie gradually develops trust in Dr. Rosen and becomes open to the process. To her own surprise, she finds herself experiencing breakthroughs and even craving more sessions.


Tate perfectly demonstrates how having the willingness to take the leap into the unknown and leaving your comfort zone can add unimaginable value to one’s life. 


Find Group by Christie Tate and other brilliant memoirs like it at the Sioux City Public Library. 


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