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Republican Sen. Joni Ernst and Democratic Candidate Theresa Greenfield Talk About Goals, Priorities

Senate Candidate Theresa Greenfield (D)

This week on The Exchange, we talk with Republican Senator Joni Ernst and her opponent Theresa  Greenflield.  Both candidates have been raising record levels of campaign funds, and recent polls show Ernst and Greenfield in a very tight race.

Body camera similar to the cameras ordered for the Sioux City Police Department

Also on the program,  the Sioux City Council this week approved the purchase of body cameras after years of debate.  Supporters say the re-evalution of police tactics and equipment after the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis in May was a motivating factor in their decision..

And, we talk with an author about why community 

Prison by Any Other Name, by Maya Schenwar and Victoria Law

policing and defunding the police may not be as helpful as we might think.

Also, we have insights into the opioid epidemic from a Siouxland surgeon.

And another Small Wonder from Jim Schaap.

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