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Jail Referendum Passes, Central High Memories, Calamity Jane, The Exchange

Coming up on The Exchange, several referendums were approved in Woodbury County yesterday after elections were held.  One of the biggest was the 50 million dollar bond issue to finance a new law enforcement center in Sioux City. Supervisor Keith Radig says he is relieved the measure passed, but he hopes the old facility will hold up until the new one is finished, which will take around two years.

There is a new conference coming to Siouxland that explains the connection between pornography and human trafficking and we hear about that. 

Also why there is so much animosity between those who approve of vaccinations and those who don’t.  

Calamity Jane, courtesy Wikipedia

And there is a new biography of the plains legend Calamity Jane.  The author says many of the tales told about Calamity Jane have no basis in reality.

We also hear the story of another famous South Dakotan, Annie Tallent. 

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