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Democratic Candidates Campaigning in NW Iowa

This week on The Exchange, as the new looms, we consider our goals and life choices and sometimes ask ourselves if we have sold out on our values.  We talk with the author of a new book called "The Ethical Sellout," about the many ways compromise can help us make decisions that accord with our values and the practical needs of our lives.

Iowa's first in the nation presidential caucuses are less than a month away, and the candidates continue to campaign across the state. We will hear from the Democratic presidential candidates who have visited Siouxland, And a look back at Victorian mourning practices.

We hear from three Democratic presidential candidates: Minnesota US Senator Amy Klobuchar, hedge fund manager Tom Steyer, and former Maryland Congressman John Delaney.  All of them visited Siouxland in the first week of January.  And former Secretary of State John Kerry stopped by former Vice President Joe Biden's headquarters in Sioux City.  Kerry is part of the "We Know Joe" bus tour going across Iowa. 

Woodbury County is likely to hold a referendum in March on building a new 49 million dollar jail to replace the current facility.  Supervisor Jeremy Taylor says the jail is in desperate need of repairs, but some of the plumbing can't be fixed because the fixtures are so out of date. Taylor wants to delay the referendum till September, so voters have a chance to understand the need for a new, upgraded jail facility.  We talk with Taylor.

Lawmakers in Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota are getting back to work.  In South Dakota, a coalition is hoping to convince Governor Kristi Noem that industrial hemp would be a valuable addition to the state's agricultural products.  We talk with the leader of the South Dakota House who heads the industrial hemp study committee, Republican Lee Qualm. 

And we hear from longtime Siouxland Public Media general manager Gretchen Gondeck about her upcoming event that details Victorian mourning rituals.  

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