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Check It Out: Bleach Manga Series by Tite Kubo

This is Preston and you’re listening to Check It Out.

Do you believe in evil spirits? Do you wonder how departed souls get into the afterlife? Well you’re in luck today. For today’s Check It Out is going to be over Bleach, a manga series about one hot headed teenage boy named Ichigo Kurosaki and his life as a soul reaper one event after another written and illustrated by Tite Kubo. 

Ichigo lives a normal teenage boy life. Going to school, hanging with friends and family etc. Except he can see ghosts. But one day he stumbles upon a teenage girl named Rukia. She’s dressed in an all-black robe and wields a katana. She tells Ichigo that she is a “soul reaper” and that they kill evil spirits and help guide souls to the afterlife. Soon they are attacked by a corrupted soul that has monstrous like powers and is also known as a hollow. After Rukia is badly injured fighting it she gives Ichigo her powers and he is able to defeat the hollow. But the bad thing is that the girl now has no powers. So, he must now complete her soul reaper tasks.

The story progresses more in depth where we meet Chad, Uryuu and Orihime. Ichigo’s main friends. After that more events unfold. Thus, giving him more of a reason to train and become stronger as he runs into obstacles and enemies that are thousand times stronger than an average human being. But he is also able to make friends and allies that will help in the long run.

Normal isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when describing Ichigo’s life. But that won’t stop him.

After reading this series it has brought to my attention that these novels made me want to keep reading more and more as I wanted to know what was going to happen next.

Check out the manga series Bleach along with other manga at the Sioux City Public Library.

Support for Check It Out comes from Avery Brothers.