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Check It Out: The Cat in The Hat by Dr.Seuss

My name is Jose Ramirez and this is Check It Out.

School is winding down and the number of days before summer break is getting smaller. Kids are outside playing in this warm weather with friends. But one thing that always strikes best is boredom. One of the best ways to cure this bug is by reading. On today’s Check It Out I am recommending a children’s classic that is an easy read for the younger audience, Dr. Seuss’s The Cat in The Hat. It is a rainy day; Sally and her brother are inside wondering what to do until a sudden knock at the door. Not knowing who it is, they open the door and a cat with a red stripped hat and bow tie walks in. Seeing the kids have nothing to do, the cat entertains them by balancing on a ball while trying to balance other things on his limbs. Things come crashing down. This cat ultimately brings fun and mass chaos to inside the household while also introducing us to infamous characters Thing 1 and Thing 2. Seeing the mess, he made, the Cat eventually cleans everything up and leaves just before the mom comes back home. The mom asks what they did but the children do not answer. The story ends with the ultimate question, “What would you do if your mother asked you?” You can check out this book and others written by Dr. Seuss at the Sioux City Public Library located in downtown Sioux City.

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