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Aldous Harding Talks About Her Intriguing New Song And Video

We have a new song and video from Aldous Harding and a conversation with her about this video for "The Barrel." I wanted to dig into some of the origins of the imagery, the beautiful, domed hat and the dance of joy that takes place near the video's end.

Aldous Harding made one of the great albums of 2017 (Party), filled with mystery and intensity. This new track from her upcoming April release called Designer -- and the video she produced — hinted at more intrigue.

Listen to the Story

It's vital for Aldous Harding to leave the meaning of the video and the song up the viewer. "I realized that the video was a well-intended opinion of mine to just keep it loose," she says in our conversation. "I feel we're expected to be able to explain ourselves after we've worked the space and have purpose, you know, in a little bag that you carry around everywhere. But I don't necessarily have that in me the way you might think."

Watch the video, listen to the words — then to our conversation — and find your own meaning and see what you think.

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