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Holly Miranda On World Cafe

Holly Miranda.
Courtesy of the artist
Holly Miranda.

Holly Miranda grew up in a conservative religious family in Detroit. Secular music was banned in her childhood home, but she got a guitar at 14 and left for New York City at 16 to try and make it in the music business. And she did, sort of. After making a major-label album that was ultimately canned, Miranda went on to form a band called The Jealous Girlfriends, which went on hiatus in 2007 when her solo career began in earnest.

Miranda hit a high point with her 2010 album The Magician's Private Library, which was produced by TV On The Radio's Dave Sitek and praised by Kanye West. Now, she's got a new self-titled album with a buoyant vibe that you'll hear in this session. Don't forget to download her World Cafe performance of "All I Want" below.

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