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Alejandro Escovedo On World Cafe

Texas native Alejandro Escovedo has been a driving force behind the Americana scene since he began recording solo in 1992. Escovedo began his career as a punk rock statesman with The Nuns, only to later discover Americana and alternative country. Employing his love of both genres, as well as his roots in Latin jazz, he basically created his own brand of music. With his newest release, Street Songs of Love, he remains a genre-hopper: Escovedo finds himself again fusing the bridge between rootsy, heartfelt country and anxious, uninhibited rock and roll.

Recorded in only 12 days, Street Songs of Love is a barren, simplified album in comparison to Escovedo's other efforts. It was easy for a reason -- he honed the songs in front of fans every Tuesday night at a Texas club leading up to the recording. Escovedo talks to David Dye about his new album and performs some of his most recent material live on World Cafe.

This segment originally aired on July 1, 2010.

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