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Lawmakers from Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota gathered this morning at Western Iowa Tech Community College for the Tri-State Legislative Forum 

Childcare and workforce retention were on the mind of many state and local leaders.  Iowa is often referred to as a childcare “desert.”  Lack of childcare can be a deal-breaker for those who want to take a job in Siouxland. 

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On “The Exchange” this week, Siouxland Public Media talks to two Democratic presidential candidates who recently visited Siouxland.  Hear from Sioux City native Chris Godfrey who was recently involved a discrimination lawsuit against former Gov. Terry Branstad.  We also commemorate Veterans Day at with a special ceremony at Western Iowa Tech Community College.  Plus, the latest on agricultural concerns for producers in northwest Iowa with an expert from ISU Extension and Outreach.

November 11th is the anniversary of the signing of the armistice that ended World War 1 in 1918.  Armistice Day became Veterans Day, and today several ceremonies took place to commemorate the occasion, including Western Iowa Tech Community College.  

“In recognition of Veterans Day, we are holding this event.”

The president of Western Iowa Tech greets students and the community for a short ceremony to honor members of the military.

“We also welcome all of our veterans here today.”

On The Exchange this week we talk with some of the candidates from this general election.  Mayor Bob Scott will talk about his re-election and Rhonda Capron says goodbye to the Sioux City Council after eight years of service.  SOHO restaurant and bar owner Julie Schoenherr bested Capron.  We will speak with Schoenherr as well.

Coming up this week on The Exchange

We hear about the investments made by Western Iowa Tech Community college in training the future workers of Iowa.  A big part of the training is learning how to think critically and solve problems.

And we talk with journalist and author Bob Woodward about parallels between the days leading up to the impeachment of President Richard Nixon and the possible impeachment of President Donald Trump.

OCTOBER 14, 2019
Siouxland Public Media

There’s a shortage of skilled workers in the state of Iowa, including here in Siouxland.      

On Monday, a local community college showcased some of the programs helping find solutions. 

A group of state lawmakers and members of the board of directors for Western Iowa Tech Community College tour a converted classroom.     

“They basically tore the carpet out, ground all of the floor removed the tables and we built a mini-production facility.

Chris Sewalson is industrial maintenance coordinator for Western Iowa Tech’s Corporate College.

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Students at Western Iowa Tech Community College learned an important lesson on October 9, 2019; A lesson, about different walks of life.    

“Being Native American a lot of our stuff is specific and spiritually oriented.”

Twenty-two-year-old Michael Shonie wears lavender nail polish on one hand along with white dangling earrings as he sits at a round table sharing his story with other about his age.

“I’m talking about my experience being a two-spirited indigenous person in the modern world.”

REPORTER: “What does that mean?”

Coming up this week on The Exchange,

We hear from Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds who was in Siouxland yesterday to open a new fiber-optic network center downtown. She also met up with teachers and students in a Western Iowa Tech program that teaches students how to build homes.   It’s part of the Future Ready Iowa Initiative.

A report on the needs of the nurses at Mercy One, who are involved in a contract dispute with their employer.   

We talk with a Siouxland native who has created an app to help farmers monitor the health of their pigs.

Siouxland Public Media

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds was in Siouxland on Tuesday, October 8, 2019 to tout the completion of a fiber optics network and a community college home building program.   

Reynolds cut the ribbon today on a newly created fiber optics network center in downtown Sioux City.  Data and broadband company FiberComm opened a new office today on Pierce Street.  The $6 million project is a so-called “carrier hotel” with 24/7 access for companies to connect with fiber optic networks.   

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Voters in Storm Lake and Sergeant Bluff will decide tomorrow on school bond issues.  School officials say growing enrollment means the districts will run out of space. The bond issues require a 60 percent "supermajority" to win approval.  The Sgt. Bluff-Luton School system has failed to gain approval for three previous bond issues.

Western Iowa Tech Community College is reaching out to countries around the world and bringing international students to the area.