Water Quality

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Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds delivered her condition of the state address this morning at the Iowa State House. Reynolds unveiled the “Invest in Iowa Act”.  The move would increase the sales tax by one percent and lower others.

“I’m proposing to cut income tax by an additional 10 percent for almost every Iowan, with lower-income Iowans receiving as much as a 25 percent cut.” 

Reynolds also proposes reducing county property taxes.  The state would help pick up the cost of mental health services. 

Iowa DNR

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources says high water levels from the Missouri River likely played into a drinking water violation in Sioux City involving disinfection byproducts.

Samples collected mid-August at one of the city’s eight testing sites showed it was a little bit above the Environmental Protection Agency’s standard for trihalomethanes. The city’s running average for that site for the last year is also above the standard.

Julie Sievers is an environmental specialist senior with the Iowa D-N-R. 


Iowa’s Junior U.S. Senator is emphasizing the need to care for migrants coming to the U.S., even as she reiterates her desire to secure the southern border.

Republican Senator Joni Ernst recently returned from a trip to the Texas-Mexico border.

Senator Ernst visited a few facilities at the border, including a port of entry facility and a shelter for children. She’s advocating for a permanent solution to what she calls a “humanitarian crisis” at the border.

Siouxland Public Media

People in nine Iowa counties hit hardest by flooding this spring have one more week to register with the federal agency tasked with disaster recovery.

Woodbury and Monona counties are part of that disaster declaration.

Registering with the Federal Emergency Management Agency can help homeowners and renters get grants to repair their home or pay for temporary housing. Deanna Frazier    is a spokeswoman for FEMA.

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The political news website Roll Call has changed its rating of Iowa’s second congressional district from solidly Democratic to a toss-up. After long-time Representative Dave Loebsack announced he’s retiring, the southeast corner of the state may not stay reliably democratic. That’s according to Central College political scientist Andrew Green.

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Branstad and the Leopold Center  051617

It looks like The Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture will survive, but without money from the state. Governor Terry Branstad used his veto authority Friday to save the agricultural research center, even though majority of state lawmakers voted to dismantle it.  The center's future remains uncertain.

Dickinson County Awarded Water Monitoring Funds

Jan 3, 2017

The Dickinson County Water Quality Commission has awarded more than $277-thousand dollars towards clean water projects.  Siouxland Public Media’s Mary Hartnett has this report.


The grants are matched with state and federal funds to provide water monitoring, education, and watershed protection in the Silver Lake, Iowa Great Lakes, and Little Swan Lake watersheds.