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A website that has been analyzing Iowa coronavirus data from the start of the pandemic is now piecing together Iowa schools' reports.

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A coalition of health groups including the Iowa Medical Society have sent Governor Kim Reynolds a letter, asking her to issue a statewide face mask mandate.  

Fifteen groups, representing 12,000 health care providers signed onto the letter.  They say widespread use of face coverings will slow the spread of the virus and save lives. Governor Reynolds has encouraged Iowans to “mask up,” but has resisted a statewide mandate.

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We hear the latest on COVID-19 in Siouxland, including concerns over the spread of the coronavirus at meatpacking plants.  Tyson Fresh Foods and Seaboard Triumph plants have both had hundreds of workers test positive for COVID-19.  

Sioux City State Senator Jackie Smith asks for an independent task force to oversee testing and mitigation efforts at Tyson foods in Dakota City.

Latinx rights leader Joe Enriguez Henry is calling for a meat boycott in May to encourage Tyson and other meatpackers to do more to protect workers.

Two more people in the Sioux City metro area have died from COVID-19 for a total of six people.

One death was reported in Dakota County.  The other in Woodbury County was an elderly woman. 

On Tuesday, Iowa reported the deadliest day since the pandemic started.  Nineteen people have been killed due to complications from the virus.

There were 63 new cases in Woodbury County and 9 in Dakota County. About 100 people are being treated at Sioux City’s two hospitals.

The Sioux City Journal reports four people who died worked in packing plants in the area.

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Siouxland mayors, including Sioux City Mayor Bob Scott, demand more transparency about the source of the recent surge in coronavirus cases in the tri-state area.

Governor Kim Reynolds looks forward to opening up 77 Iowa counties this Friday, after many weeks of lockdown because of COVID-19.

Iowa's Home Rule Constitutional Amendment could affect local rules about shutdowns during the pandemic, but, so far, the governor has the last word.

Iowa reported the deadliest day due to COVID-19 with a dozen deaths for a total of almost 150.

“We know COVID-19 poses the most risk to people who are older and those with underlying heath conditions.  The vast majority of deaths are with that vulnerable population,” said Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds says she plans to take extra action to deal with a surge of cases in Woodbury County.

There are a total of almost 750. That’s more than 10% of cases in the state.

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The Iowa Court of Appeals has rejected two cases challenging a law that restructured the state judicial nominating commission. 

The law was passed late in last year’s session. It gave the governor a ninth appointment on the 17-member panel. Iowa attorneys select the other eight. Governor Kim Reynolds appointed her first Supreme Court justice under the new format last month.

You know they’ve done a great job of sending me great selections. So I believe it’s working and it’s doing well and of course, I agree with the ruling.

OCTOBER 14, 2019
Siouxland Public Media

There’s a shortage of skilled workers in the state of Iowa, including here in Siouxland.      

On Monday, a local community college showcased some of the programs helping find solutions. 

A group of state lawmakers and members of the board of directors for Western Iowa Tech Community College tour a converted classroom.     

“They basically tore the carpet out, ground all of the floor removed the tables and we built a mini-production facility.

Chris Sewalson is industrial maintenance coordinator for Western Iowa Tech’s Corporate College.