Today, I’m recommending Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century by award-winning journalist Jessica Bruder. This compelling, eye-opening tale describes the author’s experience immersing herself into the “workamper” community, a contemporary nomadic population largely made up of transient older Americans living on the road.

Today, I’m recommending Astoria: Astor and Jefferson’s Lost Pacific Empire, a Tale of Ambition and Survival on the Early American Frontier by Peter Stark.

In the tradition of The Lost City of Z and Skeletons in the ZaharaAstoria is the thrilling, true-adventure tale of the 1810 Astor Expedition, an epic, now forgotten, three-year journey to forge an American empire in the Pacific Northwest.

Ode: Sara Culley Survives

Jul 20, 2016

My first experience with travel was from Florence Crittenton to a foster home in November of 1959. Within a few months, I moved to a cattle ranch in western Kansas with my new family, a mom and a dad and a big brother, two years older than me. My brother was adopted as well – from outer space. I loved my life on the ranch. I had cats and dogs and my pony Sugar Lump. My animals were my closest friends.


Today is Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day. It is a solemn day, one that causes us to meditate upon our most frightening nature, directing us to look at not only the horrors of our past, but the violence, intolerance, and indifference of our present. In this broadcast, we hear from Inge Auerbacher, who, as a child, was transported with her mother and father to Terezin, a Nazi concentration camp.